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Coming up on 13 years of freedom! Dr Richard Wohns performed surgery on April 14, 1999. I am so grateful because I feel like I got my husband back. He was only 29 at the time, and in steller shape skiing black diamond hills, biking down mountain trails, and a great athletic father. February 1997, he was in a car accident where he blew the L4 andL5 fluid out of his discs. For those 2 years, he was in so much back pain, that we had gone to 17 different doctors 3 hospitals and no one could figure out the problem. The Doctors had him doped up on drugs to manage the pain, but that was no life. He was sleeping 18 hours a day and working 6 with no fun activities anymore. When he walked, the bones rubbed together causing intense pain ...we didn't understand what happened. Neither did 16 of the Doctors we saw. Our family doctor referred us to Dr Wohns. We brought our MRI's to the appt and about dropped to the floor when he said I know exactly what is wrong... after a very difficult test, we had surgery approx 4 weeks later, L4, L5 Fusion. There was about 4-6 weeks of true recovery before he had all abilities back. He was able to return to work full time, and slowly pick up activities again. To date, he has not had any problems since the surgery!

Thank you Dr Wohns for changing our lives. I am forever grateful for the part you played in getting the health of my husband back to normal! Update... He is turning 43 in May, he started Taekwondo approx 4 years ago to strengthen his core, and get fit. He is now about to get his 2nd degree Black Belt in November from an Olympian in Taekwondo in Colorado Springs. At his age, and with back surgery, he can actually kick near his head! (and we thought that was only for the young!) He is now a full time Instructor,and a great example you can do this even when you had back surgery, and you are advancing in years. Funny, the kicking is how he keeps his hips open and functioning properly. I am thrilled that we are coming up on 13 years of freedom and wanted you to share in the joy.

Shelly Baker

I've had two surgeries performed by Dr. Richard Wohns. He is amazing! He is a very busy man, but I have never felt rushed at an appointment and he has always taken the time to answer all of my questions. I feel lucky to have found him.


Dr Wohns is wonderful. He gave me a pro-C disc replacement. When I woke from my surgery,I had tears in my eyes because I knew instantly that the surgery worked. I did not have the constant electrical pain down my arms. I was sent home the same day to heal, gosh I felt fantastic. I felt so good that I had to keep reminding myself not to do too much; because I was still healing. I am now a month and a half out from the surgery and I am back doing simple things I couldnt do before ie:holding a phone with my shoulder,able to put a towel on my head after washing my hair,brushing my hair without the pain and electrical sensation down my arms, vaccuming,daily house chores. The only limitation I now have is riding my Harley. Although im sure he will soon release me to ride! I cant wait. Thank You to Dr. Richard Wohns your the best...Im glad I did my homework and found you!


I have been dealing with chronic low back pain since 2007, Due to an rollover MVA in which I was ejected out. I had seen several doctors and specialist; had kyphoplasty done, have done physical therapy, acupuncture, several different types of injections, massage and chiropractic. Most of the time I was unable to find one that cared about myself as a patient rather then just another number and or dollar sign. Was in another MVA almost 2 months ago in which I injured my neck, and have had increased low back and leg issues. I have felt like every doctor I have been to doesn't trust or believe me and stereotypes me. I have been afraid to seek new care due to previous experiences. I saw Dr. Richard Wohns today and all though I had a long wait as a new patient, I did notice that established patients were taken back fairly quickly. The front office staff was ALL friendly and helpful. Once taken back Dr. Wohns' nurse was caring and attentive. Once she left me Dr. Wohns was quick to come in, took his time mad paid attention to detail. Explained to me what was going on and what options we were looking at. He was quick to relay information and coordinate the next steps. I left his office feeling like I had a whole team behind me that cared! I left knowing that these pains weren't in my head and that I have real problems. Dr. Wohns in highly educated and experienced, and in no way did I get the impression that he let it go to his head. I felt like an equal to him. I honestly don't think I would trust my care in any others hands at this point! Brilliant Dr! Awesome and very helpful staff! It's a little hard to get a fast appointment, but so so worth the wait! Thank you Neospine Puyallup!

E. DiPietro

Dr. Wohns performed a Total Cervical Disc replacement on me yesterday, 1/6/14, using the Mobi-C. Immediately post-op, I was able to notice that the numbness/tingling & shoulder/arm pain I had been feeling for the past couple years was completely gone. Dr. Richard Wohns is extremely knowledgeable & competent in his field & I would refer anyone having spine issues to him. Although our conversations during visits have been somewhat brief, I don't feel he is trying to rush me, or blow me off. The office staff, anesthesiologists, medical assistants, nurses, etc. were all very pleasant & thorough in answering any questions that came up. I had the utmost confidence that Dr. Wohns would be able to help alleviate the symptoms I had been experiencing & he definitely did not disappoint.


Dr. Richard Wohns and Staff - In the fast pace of today's world, we often forget to say "thank you" to those who most deserve it. I wanted to express my deep and honest gratitude for the recent surgeries Dr. Wohns has performed for me. As your office well knows, I was in extreme pain prior to visiting Dr. Wohns and with great precision my problem was diagnosed and the right procedures were carried out by yourself and your outstanding staff. I've had several Cervical Surgeries in the past at other facilities. The most recent performed by Dr. Wohns at your Microsurgical Spine Center was bar none the best. I've never had a more relaxed professional experience. From the time of the scheduling through being discharged and the follow-up care it was the best surgical experience I've ever had. The professionalism of care, cleanliness of the facility and overall treatment was exemplary. Patients that visit Dr. Wohns and his staff should be relieved to know that they are literally in "the best hands" when placing themselves into his care. I am so impressed with your treatment and facility that I would refer this facility to anyone. You should feel honored by the level of care, treatment and concern you show all your patients. In addition, your office staff, surgical nurses, anesthesiologist, pain Doctors and Surgical assistants were most helpful in explaining every step of the process, bringing comfort to something that should have been a very stressful experience. Please accept my kind personal regards. Dr. Wohns, you and your facility are a great example of how patient care should be approached.

Dennis P

Dr. Wohns performed an artificial disk surgery on me, and I am now able to do all sorts of athletic activities that were impossible before! I'm hiking, running, biking, and I couldn't be happier. I heavily researched all the Neurosurgeons on the West Coast, and no one was more highly recommended than Dr. Richard Wohns. I am incredibly picky, naturally, about such a incredibly weighty decision, but I couldn't have been happier. If you need a neurosurgeon, than Dr. Wohns is the absolute best. Be sure to insist on using his private hospital, it makes all the difference in the world to have that level of care provided by this world class Neurosurgeon.

S. G.

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